Market Place Promotions


Market Place Promotions is the creative “innovation” workshop inspired by Greg A. Ross.

Greg Ross has written creative copy, company slogans and developed unique business concepts for over 20 years. He has produced and directed hundreds of marketing campaigns, launched new companies and has developed all kinds of product ideas for the retail marketplace. Even during his College years, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism & Mass Communications from Kansas State University, Greg first became published with a popular weekly column based on the not-so-serious aspects of college life,

After graduating in 1985, it was straight to the advertising world where Greg worked for a local publishing firm and was the first media executive to run a print campaign upside-down in a magazine. "Hey, it got great response." While working seven years creating advertising campaigns for R.L. Polk & Company, Greg moved to Austin, Texas where he continued to write, consult and develop print media for clients throughout the Southwest.

Named "The Most Creative Person in the World" by family and friends in 1992, Greg continued on to San Clemente, California, where he consulted as Travel Editor for South Coast Magazine, reviewed Movie Scripts for Universal Studios and ultimately evolved with the inception of Market Place Promotions in September of 2003. Since then, Greg has written and directed ad campaigns, promoted events, developed products and has become the creative namesake he is today….

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