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Blindspot Consulting

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Blindspot Consulting star icon

Wrote and directed the website for Blindspot Consulting.

Created slogan:
"We open eyes. We open doors."

John Daly T-shirt design [1/3]

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Logo & Art Concept

John Daly Apparel star icon

Created logo and branding for John Daly Apparel. Directed clothing artwork.

Jumpy Toy

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Jumpy Toy at Orange County Market Place

Jumpy Toy is an inflatable jumpy castle, obstacle course and slide. Bottom line: a whole lotta fun at the Orange County Market Place.

OC Market Place

All Star Turf postcard flyer (front) [1/5]

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Website and Branding

All Star Turf

Created logo, website and promotional materials for All Star Turf, an artificial grass company.

Warlock Powerboats magazine ad [1/3]

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Print & Website Marketing

Warlock Powerboats

Created website, flyers and magazine ads.

Created "Cast a Spell" advertising campaign.

Tiffany Coachworks magazine ad: "Winning at the Stretch" [1/3]

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Magazine Marketing

Tiffany Coachworks

Created a successful magazine ad campaign, "Winning at the Stretch" for Tiffany Coachworks.

All The King's Toys TV commercial [1/2]

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Website & TV Advertising

All The King's Toys II

Produced a website and TV commercial for All The King's Toys II, a used car dealer specializing in exotic automobiles.


Product Marketing


Marketed and directed sales for SunX, a sunscreen towelette.



  • Develop New Slogans & Logos
  • Write Creative Copy & Websites
  • Design Marketing Materials
  • Create an Innovative Business Approach
  • Launch Product & Concept to “Live” Market

Think Different…

There is always something different to distinguish your idea, your product, your concept, your business…we specialize in finding innovations and solutions before they are even recognized. That’s what Market Place Promotions is all about. We make things happen.

—Greg A. Ross
Market Place Promotions